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K-State Slate: 1.6.12

West Stadium Center Campaign (via kstatefans)

K-State Football

Stay tuned today for plenty of Cotton Bowl posts. Also, check out Q&As I did with Arkansas Expats and Bowl Season.

As you saw in the video above -- and if you didn't watch it, do it now -- K-State unveiled last night its plans for expansion of Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

The campaign was unveiled at last night's pep rally at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. K-State's fans caused a stir on Twitter when 20,000 of them showed up for a pep rally. David Ubben observed that showing up even after a monumental bowl snub is the difference between K-State and other programs.

I disagree that this team might be Snyder's best ever, but that shouldn't minimize anything that they've done.

Sam Mellinger takes a look at what Snyder's done in the context of others his age. You shouldn't be surprised to hear that it's even more impressive in that context.

Kevin Haskin writes that even if K-State beats Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl, Bill Snyder's approach will not -- and should not -- change.

Even Texas fans want us to roast some Razorbacks tonight. Big 12 solidarity!

K-State Basketball

It's easy to get lost in the lead up to the Cotton Bowl, but K-State has a huge basketball game on Saturday when undefeated Missouri comes to Manhattan for the final time as a conference rival.


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