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K-State Slate: 1.5.12


K-State Basketball

Same song, fifth verse for K-State last night in Lawrence. K-State fell behind by 14 points after eight minutes, made a little run in the second half, but ultimately never could even tie or take the lead as KU cruised to a 67-49 win in both schools' Big 12 opener.

The biggest reason K-State's second-half comeback fell short was the two timely three pointers Conner Teahan hit after K-State cut the lead to three. Even though K-State's man-to-man defense was working, Frank Martin went to zone. And even though Teahan can do absolutely nothing to hurt you other than hitting open threes, K-State's players somehow decided to leave him open for three pointers twice in the span of 70 seconds.

I watched the game with Curtis Kitchen last night, and one thing we discussed at length was exactly what he wrote on his site. Frank Martin has to stop acting like winning in Lawrence is like climbing Mount Everest, or we're going to be down 17-3 after eight minutes every single time we go there.

K-State Football

Can a single game settle the Big 12/SEC debate in football? No, it can't, but a K-State win in the Cotton Bowl wouldn't hurt the perception that the Big 12 is a lot closer to the SEC than anyone in the southeast wants to admit.

K-State Women's Basketball

The Wildcats beat defending national champion Texas A&M in overtime last night in Bramlage.

Big 12 Basketball

Iowa State got a little HIlton Magic and beat Texas, 77-71, last night in another Big 12 opener.

I missed linking a few good Big 12 basketball posts from BON yesterday. On Tuesday, Reggieball posted a Big 12 preview, while Peter took a look at the critical three-game stretch Texas was about to face.