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K-State Slate: 1.4.12


More than 450 comments on yesterday's Slate? Man, did you guys miss each other, or what?

K-State Basketball

Conference play tips off for K-State tonight when the Wildcats travel down the river to face KU.

The matchup breakdown gives KU a slight edge in this one, but it's as even as it's been in a long time at the old barn down the river.

K-State better not be too wary of the atmosphere at the game tonight, or they'll be down 15-2 after five minutes like we usually are in Lawrence.

Rebounding and hustle plays will go a long way toward deciding the winner tonight.

K-State Football

The TCJ is killing it with the Cotton Bowl coverage this week.

Remember the first game of the season, when we were convinced this was the worst offensive line we'd ever had at K-State? Those misfits turned out alright.

Hogs hope Cats come up throwing? Good luck with that.

John Hubert broke LaDainian Tomlinson's rushing record in Waco and all that, but did we really miss out on Tomlinson because he fell asleep at a meeting? Excuse me while I go barf.

Chris Harper wants to be remembered long after he leaves K-State. Here's a tip, Chris. Salute the crowd after scoring a touchdown right in front of a Big 10 referee. Works every time.

K-State participated in Lawry's Prime Rib Beef Bowl last night.

Big 12 Basketball

Missouri routed Oklahoma last night in its Big 12 opener, winning 87-49 by doing what it usually does: creating turnovers and shooting the cover off the ball. So much for OU's status as a significantly improved team, but more importantly Missouri looks like it will be a force to be reckoned with all conference season. But the Tigers can't keep shooting at this clip, right? I mean...right?

College Football

This article from last week explains how the SEC became the ruling power in college football. (h/t, Anon)