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K-State Slate: 1.24.12


K-State Basketball

That didn't take long. It looks like Jordan Henriquez's "indefinite" suspension could end up lasting about a week, as Frank Martin said he could return for Wednesday's game against Texas Tech.

K-State is No. 22 in this week's AP Poll.

SB Nation's weekly Bracketology slots K-State as a seven seed this week. Don't really want to see a team like Purdue in the first round, but we should start to see K-State trend up from here.

K-State Football

Some sources indicate Matt Wallerstedt may be interviewing for K-State's vacant defensive coordinator position.

Big 12 Basketball

KU sleepwalked through most of a 64-54 win over Texas A&M last night.

Great Writing

If you don't read anything else about Joe Paterno, and I wouldn't recommend reading most of it, you should read Spencer Hall's "Bury the Man, Keep the Statue."

Conference Realign...Ugh, Are We Really Going to Start This Again?

Somebody in West Virginia believes the Big 12 is going to raid the ACC. Or something. I don't even care anymore.