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K-State Slate: 1.19.12


K-State Basketball

I'm not sure I'd call it dominance, and the lede about Mexico owning Texas was pretty ballsy, but K-State did continue its winning ways over Texas with an 84-80 win in Manhattan last night.

Only four days after being benched against Oklahoma, Angel Rodriguez made his first career start against Texas. Victor Ojeleye also played 19 minutes. Jordan Henriquez played eight.

We got an explanation for why Nino Williams didn't play. I'm still waiting to hear what's wrong with Henriquez.

K-State Football

K-State is looking for a new defensive coordinator officially now, because USF has announced Chris Cosh as its new DC. Hope you like base defense, Bulls.

Big 12 Basketball

Iowa State got a home win over Oklahoma State last night when Scott Christopherson banked in a long three at the buzzer.

College Football

Spencer has his Dos and Don'ts for the 2012 college football season, with a couple K-State mentions.