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RPI WATCH: 1/16/12

K-State continues to receive virtually no help from its non-con opponents, with all but Long Beach State, UMES, UTEP and West Virginia posting losses among those that played this weekend.

And those four teams' wins were over pretty bad teams: Pacific, Delaware State, SMU and Rutgers (for the second time). No help there.

As always, for in-depth discussion of the Big 12 games, see BIG 12 OUTLOOK.

Associated Press Ranking = 25

ESPN/USA Today Ranking = 27

Overall Record = 12-4

Big 12 Record = 1-3

Top 50 Record = 2-3

RPI = 33

SOS = 33

Signature Wins (RPI 1-30) = Alabama, Missouri

Quality Wins (RPI 31-100) = Virginia Tech, Long Beach State

Bad Losses (RPI 101 or greater) = none