Conference starts for the Cats under coach Martin

It's an annual tradition around Manhattan - the Cats always start conference play slow and then get hot eventually. Daverone asked if someone could check out how the Cats started in conference under Martin, and I've decided to do it myself.

For comparison in Wooly's last year (2005), the Cats started conference play 0-2, and then went 6-10, including a win in Lawrence.

Huggy's year (2006), the Cats started 0-2, and then went 10-6.

Martin's first year (2007), the Cats started 5-0 (!!), and then went 10-6.

2008 - started 0-4, then 9-7

2009 - started 0-1 (really 3-1), then 11-5 (the best team, with two complete derps at home against OSU and ISU)

2010 - started 1-4, then 10-6.

It looks to me like the 2007 year was an aberration. Well, in one sense it was, thanks the greatest individual season in K-State basketball history. The 2009 team had a favorable schedule to start with too, aside from opening in Columbia. I don't know why Martin's teams start conference so poorly, but until Martin gets that fixed, this team will never truly contend for a conference title. It's disappointing.

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