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K-State Slate: 1.12.12


K-State Basketball

Don't miss BigE's recap of the Baylor game.

It's hard to beat anyone, much less an undefeated, top-five team when you turn the ball over 20 times like K-State did on Tuesday.

Kitchen wonders if Frank Martin's methods will ever allow K-State fans to truly embrace his basketball program.

K-State Football

Senior safety Tysyn Hartman will play in the Senior Bowl. There's also a lot of filler text.

K-State Women's Basketball

K-State is 3-0 in Big 12 play after routing Missouri in Manhattan last night.

Big 12 Basketball

Missouri got a big road win, 76-69, over Iowa State ... KU manhandled a Texas Tech team that had all the composure of a five year old ... Texas sent Texas A&M to 0-3 in conference play with a 61-51 win in the Frank Erwin Center.

College Football

I can already predict the outrage this is going to foster, but Bill slots K-State at No. 24 in his early top 25 rankings for 2012. K-State fares better in Andy Staples' rankings (No. 15) and Pre-Snap Read's (No. 19).

SB Nation's Bomani Jones thinks there are a lot of problems more pressing in college football than instituting a plus-one or a playoff. For my thoughts on the matter, see Bill's post this morning.