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K-State Slate: 9.9.11




Angelo Pease is filling a role and trying to find where he'll have the most impact on K-State's season. Also, if you go to the main K-State page on the TCJ, he will stare at you. He will stare into your soul and see the things that you don't tell anyone else about, even your spouse or your closest friends. He will see the things that make you ashamed, and you will feel obligated to confess them, to cleanse your soul and clear your mind.

Having blogs mean we don't have to wait for the retrospectives to come out. Remember last year, when Pan had the inside scoop on the Big 12 meetings in Kansas City? This year, Spencer has the oral history of the Big 12 band breaking up. Love the last line.

Of course, the oral history may have to wait in case something crazy happens and the Big 12 (mostly) sticks together.

Boone Pickens was on ESPN's broadcast of Oklahoma State's easy win over Arizona last night, and predicted that the Big 12 will stick together and that equal revenue sharing will be instituted. I hope that this is correct, so I hope that Pickens is actually involved in the situation and thus would have reason to know. Let's hope that Mike Holder and Burns Hargis don't have to remind each other "don't tell the crazy rich old crazy man anything, he'll end up on TV or radio with his unfiltered brain-to-mouth connection." 

Clay Travis writes that Baylor's claims against the SEC have no merit. I was unaware that anyone had actually filed a claim (that's sarcasm, they haven't). I was also unaware that the point was to ultimately win a lawsuit (again, sarcasm, it's not) (at least, not at this point). The point is to hold up Texas A&M's move (thanks for the leverage, SEC), stabilize the Big 12 by getting everyone to commit and try to add a team or three to the Big 12. Oh, and maybe to extract a bigger exit fee from Texas A&M. Yeah, that would be good, too.