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K-State Slate: 9.7.11




Thanks to the guys on the Border Patrol for taking my call this morning and listening to me explain my tweet regarding reports that K-State has the Big East available as an alternative if the Big 12 falls apart. Apparently, "just sayin'" will henceforth be my calling card.

K-State's week off could be beneficial? God, I hope so. The article also notes that starting center Shaun Simon could miss some games with injury. Great, just what we need, an injury on the OL.

Tickets for K-State's game in Wichita against West Virginia go on sale Friday.

The Kansas Board of Regents would prefer that K-State and KU remain together in whatever conference they end up in.

Word from yesterday is that the SEC has voted to accept Texas A&M's application. However, a late report from Chip Brownapparently confirmed by TexAgs' Billy Liucci, indicates that the acceptance was contingent on each Big 12 school waiving its right to litigation against the SEC. Shyeah, good luck getting Baylor to sign that waiver.

Austin Meek imagines a frightening future in the Big East. If the Big East is our destination and KU and maybe Mizzou or Iowa State are in tow, I can live with that.

Haskin wonders if a fan revolt is just around the corner. Great point, also made by Chip Brown on 810 WHB yesterday, that college football is a multi-billiion dollar industry and nobody is in charge right now.