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K-State Slate: 9.5.11




I owe you a "Postgame Reaction" post, which will be forthcoming later tonight.

K-State needed a 33-yard touchdown pass from Collin Klein to Chris Harper with less than two minutes left to pull out a 10-7 victory over Eastern Kentucky.

It didn't take long to see that Tyler Lockett will not be redshirted this year. He caught an eight-yard pass about nine minutes into the game.

All this talk about the offense belies the fact that the defense did its job against EKU. Now granted, this dominating effort was against a middling FCS opponent that was without its starting quarterback, but it was exactly the type of performance you'd like to see against such a team. Interesting to note from this story that K-State's next opponent, Kent State, lost 48-7 to No. 2 Alabama on Saturday.

Bill Snyder blames part of Saturday's poor performance on himself and the coaches for having a conservative gameplan. Look, that's fine and all, but this is an FCS team. If we can't line up and run over them with pretty much whatever we call, then there are some serious issues with this team.

The K-State volleyball team swept Georgia Southern and Idaho before being swept themselves by BYU in the Varney's Invitational.

OK, on to realignment...

If you don't read anything else, read Mark Cuban's take on why the Big 12 schools should say no to superconferences. We've been trying to say this all along, but alas we're just team bloggers, not multimillionaire professional sports franchise owners.

The New York Post reports that K-State, KU and Missouri essentially have offers in hand from the Big East should the Big 12 fall apart. While that would keep K-State in an AQ conference, it would be devastating for Kansas City. As a matter of fact, just about any of these realignment scenarios are pretty bad for KC.

Now the key question regarding the Pac-12's expansion plans has been answered. Apparently, the Pac-12 would take Oklahoma and Oklahoma State without Texas. I would have to think that, if OU called UT's bluff like this, Texas would fold and join the Pac-12, even from a position of weakness, because their other options at that point would be the Big 7 (plus whatever leftovers could be found), the SEC (not happening), the Big 10 (not happening with TLN), and independence (not happening if the other conferences are getting super-sized). But if, for some reason, Texas still said "no" to the Pac-12, then K-State and KU could become targets for Larry Scott, giving the schools both an east (Big East) and west (Pac-12) option.