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K-State Slate: 9.30.11




K-State Football

K-State's defense will get its biggest test of the year Saturday against Baylor.

KU recruited Robert Griffin III. Damn shame he didn't choose to go there. In yet another showing of brilliant planning and strategy, Ron Prince chose not to recruit Griffin. Gold star there, Ron.

Brian Butler says Bryce Brown is still with the K-State program. Funny that he wasn't at practice this week if he's still with the team. I wish him the best in getting whatever personal issues he's going through resolved, but that doesn't sound like "with the program" in the sense that I understand it.

With Brown out of the picture, John Hubert will take charge. In other words, it's exactly as it was before.

Conference Realignment

On top of The Upset Blog's report that BYU has agreed in principle to join the Big 12, there are rumors of a Big East mass exodus including TCU, Louisville, Cincinnati and West Virginia to the Big 12.

Sam Mellinger makes the point that needs to be made about Missouri considering the SEC. If Missouri is interested in the SEC but is still using that as leverage to get changes made in the Big 12, which is still an assumption at this point, then we should all be on Mizzou's side. The Big 12 may survive without Missouri, but it's better with Missouri.