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K-State Slate: 9.28.11




K-State Football

Bill gave the Miami game the Study Hall treatment, and found an evenly played game that should have come down to a goal line stop.

Bill Snyder called Tre Walker's game-saving tackle of Miami's Jacory Harris an "amazing effort." At least.

Rumors circulated yesterday that Bryce Brown was in Knoxville. Snyder confirmed that Brown is going through "some difficult times" right now, but nothing beyond that.

Conference Realignment

We just can't get rid of this Missouri to the SEC talk.

Boone Pickens is like that guy you happen to know, who has eff-you money and just says whatever the hell he feels like because he knows nobody is going to say anything back to him. Oh, he is that guy. Right. That makes sense.

Wilner writes that the Big 12 is considering several scenarios that involve getting back to 12 schools, whether or not Missouri marches off into the SEC abyss. Those scenarios include adding some combination of Boise State, BYU, Louisville and West Virginia.

Somebody's plane flew from Columbia Regional Airport into Birmingham, and back, yesterday.

It's all good. There's nothing to see here. We're all holding hands and singing spirituals. Move along. Jamie Pollard is our song leader.

Two Texas legislators -- both with Texas A&M educations, unsurprisingly -- are looking to pass legislation directing the Lone Star Showdown to continue. You guys didn't do a damn thing to try and make the Aggies stay in the Big 12, where they'd be guaranteed to play their Super Bowl Texas every year, but now you're trying to do something like this? A tactful way to say what I want fails me, so I'll move on.

Baylor has gone a little overboard on the importance of their role in saving the Big 12 -- although the refusal to sign over rights did slow down the process and possibly allowed cooler heads to prevail -- but to say that the school's refusal to sign away its legal rights was "petty" is also a little much. When tens of millions of dollars are at stake, you don't sign away your legal rights. Period.