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K-State Slate: 9.23.11




I'm going to follow Bill's lead and use this as a post for non-realignment links. There will be a post later with realignment links and commentary.

K-State is playing much faster this year, but will it be fast enough to keep up with Miami?

That's anybody's guess at this point, because the Hurricanes are loaded with speed and talent.

Even coming off a big win over Ohio State, Miami coach Al Golden is confident his team won't overlook K-State. He's also terrified of Ray Kibble. Or at least he says he's terrified of Ray Kibble.

Even if it seems like everyone else is talking about it, Arthur Brown hasn't had much to say about returning to Miami on Saturday.

Miami's released its injury report -- after years following a Bill Snyder team, I'm not 100 percent sure what that is -- and starting left tackle Malcolm Bunche is listed as doubtful, along with heralded offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson, who has not played this year. Defensive lineman Shayon Green is also doubtful with a knee injury.

Miami running back Lamar Miller ranks fourth nationally in rushing and second nationally in all-purpose yardage. Stopping or at least slowing him down will be priority one for K-State's defense on Saturday.