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K-State Slate: 9.22.11




Collin Klein is drawing comparisons to Tim Tebow from Miami's defense. While I certainly hope Klein lives up to the part of that comparison that results in winning the Heisman Trophy, I could do without most of the other aspects of it.

If you want to read more about actual football before we dive into conference realignment, check out this week's Alphabetical from Spencer, and the Numerical from Bill.

After Oklahoma leveraged a possible Pac-12 invite into concessions from UT was told no invitation to join the Pac-12 would be extended whatever the hell it was that happened, the Kansas Board of Regents met yesterday and decided the Big 12 is the best place for K-State and KUGovernor Brownback thinks so, too. I'm glad we got that cleared up.

Dan Beebe's resignation will probably be announced today. Apparently, they're just working out the details. It looks like former Big 8 commissioner Chuck Neinas will replace Beebe.

The Daily Oklahoman lists BYU, TCU and West Virginia as the Big 12's top expansion targets.

Cole Manbeck interviewed Jon Wefald about the formation of the Big 12. Here's a good trivia question you can spring on people at your next tailgate: Which of the current BCS AQ conferences first considered becoming a 16-team superconference? Answer: The Big 12. Also, this 1993 Houston Chronicle article discusses the negotiations leading up to the formation of the Big 12, including the conferences' consideration of BYU (also, read the quotes from Missouri athletic director Dan Devine and imagine the uproar they would cause today).