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K-State Slate: 9.2.11




Former tight end Jordan Voelker is one among many players who is providing depth along the defensive line.

Here's yet another look at the Brown brothers and their travels, from Wichita to Miami and Knoxville and beyond. The best part is undoubtedly about Bryce's love for fishing.

Having blue-chip players like Bryce Brown won't alter the K-State system. I tend to be a little more optimistic about the number of carries Bryce Brown is going to get this weekend.

Spencer has his 100 certainties for the college football season over at the mothership. Sounds like we have a decision to make about whether we want our dominance of UT to continue.

Mike Alden says Missouri is committed to the Big 12. That's good, because they're the linchpin right now.

Bruce Feldman left ESPN and will now write for CBS Sports.