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K-State Slate: 9.15.11




(Gavel bang): It has been decided that the comment thread on yesterday's Slate post, which currently stands at 300 comments, is full of awesome. A judgment reflecting this decree shall be entered forthwith.

Nick Puetz, a Salina native who transferred to K-State from Wyoming, will benefit from the offensive-line shakeup and start at left guard. His photo doesn't quite stare into the dark corners of your soul like Angelo Pease's did, however.

Some dude in Arkansas allegedly defrauded K-State, and other schools, with a false travel agency for overseas sporting trips. The lesson? Never trust anyone from Arkansas.

Josh Selby is not gay, just a little curious, is all. New Lawrence city motto: "Not gay, just curious." (STANDARD DISCLAIMER HERE)

Sports Illustrated's Michael Rosenberg nails it. If the Big 12 blows up, the losers won't be Iowa State and Baylor and whomever else doesn't end up in a conference that's as good as their current situation. Everybody will lose. Oklahoma, Texas and Texas A&M will lose by not playing each other and their other longtime rivals. Missouri and KU will lose if they lose the Border War. K-State and KU will lose by not having the Sunflower Showdown. These schools are going to blow up the best possible conference situation they will ever have, and they're not even doing it over money.

Andy Katz looks at the economic impact of the conference shuffle on K-State, Iowa State and Baylor.

Cardiac Hill has a nice letter to K-State, KU and Mizzou. It's kind of a love letter. If nothing else, it feels nice to be wanted.

Frank the Tank looks at the 300,000,000 reasons Texas has to take a look at the ACC.

Dr. Saturday doesn't predict a particularly rosy end game to this conference realignment mess for schools like K-State, KU, Iowa State and Baylor.