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K-State Slate: 9.14.11




K-State worked on "everything" during its off week. That's good, because just about nothing went particularly well, other than shutting down an FCS offense with a true freshman quarterback making his first start.

This week's opponent, Kent State, is 0-2 after a 48-7 loss to Alabama (no shame there) and a 20-12 home loss to Louisiana (ouch). We'll have more on the Golden Flashes, either in a podcast or in the open game thread.

Haskin muses at the midweek on conference realignment and many other topics.

The mothership has two excellent weekly posts to keep you informed about everything of note that happened in college football. Spencer's entertaining Alphabetical is back as always, and now we have Bill's Numerical to go with it.

In realignment news, speculation still abounds about Oklahoma. Some are reporting ($) they're as good as gone (also, LOL at Colorado acting all butthurt about former Big 12 schools joining the Pac-12. First of all, that was the plan from the beginning last year. Second of all, the Buffs are the new kid on the block, and will probably be told to act accordingly if the rest of the Pac-12 wants to expand). Some are reporting OU is not close to a decision.

The biggest development yesterday with negative implications for K-State -- other than the fact that the perfect Midwest/Great Plains conference is crumbling -- is the possibility of Texas going to the ACC and taking KU and Missouri with it. That could hurt K-State's chances of going to the Pac-12 and set up the Big East for a Big 10/SEC raid.