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K-State Slate: 9.1.11




September. Football. Yes.

Collin Klein is ready to lead the K-State offense.

We still don't know who is going to start at running back.

Texas A&M officially announced it will withdraw from the Big 12 and apply for membership in a different conference. Haskin wonders if there will be anything left of the Big 12. Meek has a quick look at the schools that have been thrown out as possible additions to the Big 12 (Favorite line: "They're SMU" under the section for why the Ponies aren't a good fit for the Big 12).

In the wake of A&M's departure, BYU issued a statement. They didn't say no. That's a good thing, because of the realistic candidates -- and for now, I'm not counting Notre Dame, Arkansas, Pitt and West Virginia as realistic candidates -- BYU is the best addition to the conference. If Texas A&M's application to the SEC is accepted, and it will be, then I hope the Big 12 can announce that BYU will join the conference beginning June 30, 2012. If we can't get BYU to join, then there is no point in keeping up the charade. We can add Houston or SMU or whomever and limp along until Mizzou or Oklahoma are poached by the Big 10 or SEC of Pac-12 (or KU goes independent LOLOLOL), but if we can't get a quality addition at this point, everyone might as well start looking at their options.

Finally, football returns today. Rejoice. Rejoice.