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2 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Tysyn Hartman


#2 Tysyn Hartman
Redshirt Senior
6-3 | 206
Wichita, Kan.


Position: Defensive Back

Previous College: None

Projection: Starter

Status: On Scholarship

Tysyn Hartman (b. Aug. 9, 1989) is perhaps not as highly regarded as some other Wichita-area players (the brothers Brown, Chris Harper, DeMarcus Robinson, etc.), but he has earned Bill Snyder's faith and trust nonetheless.

That much was in evidence when he was selected to accompany Arthur Brown, Collin Klein and Snyder to Big 12 Media Days, despite coming off what likely was his toughest season as a starting safety.

Yet in the midst of his struggles — some due to injury recovery, some due to scheme and some due simply to fundamental breakdowns in tackling — he never relinquished his starting role. I think that's pretty telling.

Hartman is part of the tradition of other K-State quarterbacks-turned-safeties who have preceded (Marcus Watts) and followed (Ty Zimmerman) him. Free safety is as cerebral a position as there is on the defensive side, after all.

With Brown in front of him, and David Garrett and Zimmerman beside him, Hartman's weaknesses won't be as apparent and his strengths will be allowed to shine, hopefully. Another year to get healthier should help, as well.