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27 DAYS TO KICKOFF: David Garrett


#27 David Garrett
Redshirt Senior
5-8 | 175
Cleveland, Ohio


Position: Defensive Back

Previous College: Fort Scott Community College

Projection: Starter

Status: On Scholarship

David L. Garrett (b. Nov. 23, 1987) is, in my opinion, the best overall player returning on K-State's defense.

You can make a case that "Rat" was the best player last season, too, considering he led the team in tackles as a part-time starter in the nickel package and 4-2-5 base defense. He's been turning heads since summer 2009, in fact.

Garrett has a nose for the ball and is a deceptively hard hitter, despite his smaller stature. Whether it's breaking up passes or laying himself out on a dive to intercept them, forcing fumbles, or collecting sacks, he just makes plays.

My one lingering concern is that his planned transition to cornerback might not best suit his abilities and could cause a statistical drop-off. Sure, he can play the position well enough, but I think he's even better as a safety.

If several of the Incoming JUCO cornerbacks prove to be able to handle the position and/or Tysyn Hartman struggles again this season, I think we could see Garrett move back to his more natural role. Time will tell.