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K-State Slate: 8.31.11




I watched a little bit of the volleyball match with Creighton last night on K-StateHD TV's debut and thought it was pretty impressive. The production is good and the feed worked fine for me. Well done, K-State.

Here's your K-State notebook. B.J. Finney moves to guard, running back by committee, Adam Davis to start, Andre McDonald in trouble, 4-3 defensive scheme, and a bit about the opponent.

Yes, Kevin, football is a good reason to reunite. I should be meeting up with BracketCat, among others.

I didn't think this was "news," but the Big 12 has a committee that's looking at expanding the conference, whether Texas A&M leaves or not. Meanwhile, A&M apparently has not formally withdrawn from the conference, but has told the conference it is exploring its options and received a letter from Dan Beebe outlining the process for withdrawal.

We didn't hear a formal announcement of A&M's withdrawal yesterday, which some had speculated could occur. Now Chip Brown reports that A&M may delay its withdrawal until after the opener against SMU because Mike Sherman think it's a distraction. Huh? How is it any less of a distraction next week? #HopingTheSECIsGettingColdFeet

The BYU drumbeat is getting stronger

I had this foolish notion that if I ignored the EcoKat phenomenon that it might just disappear. Silly me. Whether this was marketing, or the athletic department, or whoever it was, we need to hire some people who have left the state of Kansas at some point in their lifetime and actually access the Internet on occasion. Seriously, who in the hell thought this was going to be anything other than ridiculous?

Finally, our best wishes are with Bill from RMN, whose wife is probably in labor as I type this. It truly takes an act of God to get him away from his blogging.