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K-State Slate: 8.29.11




Only about 2,500 tickets remain for the opener against Eastern Kentucky. 

Tyler Lockett is carrying on the family legacy at K-State.

Frank Martin has announced two new graduate assistants, and they're both familiar names. One is the famous White Tiger, Darren Kent, while the other is Eric Rodriguez, son of Shakey.

It's time to dig deep at K-State. With only 75 players on scholarship, depth could be a concern, but Bill Snyder and Co. are looking to take another step forward this season.

The K-State volleyball team went 1-2 in its season-opening action in Atlanta. The Cats dropped matches to Georgia Tech and Louisville before knocking off Tennessee Tech. K-State returns home to face Creighton on Wednesday, for the debut of K-StateHD TV.

The Mercury has its football preview section out, with no fewer than 21 articles looking at the upcoming K-State football season.

OK, now, on to conference realignment...

Tom Keegan thinks the Big 12 should raid the Big East, going after Pitt, West Virginia and Rutgers. OK, then.

Chip Brown's well-placed (and well-known) sources tell him that the Big 12 has discussed expanding by adding some combination of Notre Dame, Arkansas, Pittsburgh and BYU. OK, then.

In any event, Texas A&M's move to the SEC seems imminent. And, as discussed over the weekend, that just makes so much sense.