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BOTC Hits A Million

At about 4:06 p.m. this afternoon, somebody in Dallas (mystman995?) visited BOTC and, in the process, became the one-millionth visit in the site's history.

BOTC started in August 2007, back when I was the only blogger and ksubailey and mystman995 were just about the only readers. I was going back through the archives the other day, and it was funny to see all the posts from the first year or two, where I'd write a thousand words and be lucky to get a couple comments.

A big thanks to Panjandrum, EMAW, BracketCat, K.S.B. and Ahearn Alley for joining up and cranking out a bunch of really good posts. I never had any idea BOTC would turn into what it has, or that I'd meet so many people because of it. Pan really has turned this site into what it is with the iconic Adventures and other assorted humor and insight. Bracket has been prolific, starting with Protest Playoff and stepping up and doing the boring dirty work that keeps things fresh. I mention those two because they've been around the longest, but I wouldn't have been able to keep doing this without all of you, so thanks.

Finally, the biggest thanks goes to all the readers, whether you've been around since the beginning or just joined this week. As much as I love to write, I wouldn't keep doing it if nobody was reading it. But more than just reading it, all of you contribute to the site by commenting and posting things on the sidebar. Special thanks to Anon for posting the morning links when I'm otherwise occupied, Catbacker98 for breaking news that gets ignored, Furnace for the history lessons and conspiracy theories, and everyone else for being a part of this. It's been a helluva ride so far, and it's not stopping anytime soon.

Go Cats!