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K-State Slate: 8.22.11




Both K-State and KU have a lot of unknowns coming into this season. Will preseason all-conference running back Bryce Brown be third on K-State's depth chart? Can Turner Gill coach as well as he imposes arcane rules on his team?

Some of the unknowns were cleared up on Saturday, when K-State held its first open practice of the fall.

The coaching staff got three junior college defensive backs to shore up depth at corner this year

Suzie Fritz and the K-State volleyball team come into the season short on experience and expectations, but long on confidence.

Peter chats with a rational Aggie fan about conference realignment.

Look and laugh, this is the new trophy given to the winner of the CyHawk (Iowa State/Iowa) game.

Dr. Saturday has his Big 12 predictions, including perhaps the lamest Wizard of Oz reference I've ever seen, which really is saying something.