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K-State Slate: 8.19.11




Big 12 week continues at Dr. Saturday, with his previews of K-State and that school down the river. With the bomb that hit Miami this week, I'm surprised he still considers that game a likely loss, and calling a home game against Iowa State a tossup that doesn't lean toward a K-State win also seems a little pessimistic.

It's possible that K-State's game at Texas in November will be broadcast on TLN. Apparently, TLN also wants to show highlights of high school football games. Wait...hold on, I hear something to the south, it sounds like it's coming from College Station...oh, good God...

Following up on yesterday's Tyler Lockett follow up, The Mercury has a feature on Tyler Lockett.

Terrelle Pryor is eligible for the NFL supplemental draft, but the NFL will enforce the five-game suspension he received from the NCAA. Hmm...