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K-State Slate: 8.17.11




As you're probably aware, Yahoo broke the story of alleged massive, flagrant NCAA violations at Miami yesterday, some of which involve K-State's Bryce Brown and Arthur Brown. Austin Meek got a hold of Brian Butler, the Browns' adviser/street agent (also mentioned in the report), last night via phone. Butler's account differed from what he told GoPowercat. Meek suggests that the Browns may be facing a 1-3 game suspension.

K-State wasn't the only Big 12 school affected by the report. Missouri head basketball coach Frank Haith was implicated as not only having knowledge of the violations, but taking part in them.

Dan Beebe says the Big 12 hasn't given Texas A&M an ultimatum, but at some point it could require them to commit to the Big 12.

NCAA president Mark Emmert thinks it's time to get everyone together and have a big discussion about conference realignment. The story also says that Beebe and SEC commissioner Mike Slive had a heated phone conversation last week about A&M's potential move.

Finally, from OTE, a Husker fan takes a look at who is at fault for conference realignment. This could be the subject of an entire post on my part, but let's just say this for now: this is the real world in shades of gray, not some black-and-white fairy tale with a virtuous and infallible hero and an evil villain. Texas is greedy, but they're no more to blame than Nebraska or Texas A&M or Jim Delany or Larry Scott or Mike Slive.