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18 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Andre McDonald


#18 Andre McDonald
Redshirt Sophomore
6-8 | 276
Choctaw, Okla.


Position: Tight End

Previous College: None

Projection: Second-String

Status: On Scholarship

Andre McDonald Jr. (b. Dec. 19, 1990) is kind of a divisive player. Half of the fan base thinks he doesn't get the ball thrown to him nearly enough, while the other half is of the opinion that he should be moved to offensive tackle.

I'm probably more in the former camp. McDonald only caught six passes of note in 2010, but most of them were fairly important. For instance, there was the key fourth-down conversion to keep alive the game-winning drive against UCF.

Then there was a touchdown catch to help pour it on the despised Jayhawks — always a worthy endeavor. And even though we lost, he caught some key passes in the Colorado game, including a two-point conversion.

Yes, Andre the Giant probably could become a dominant left tackle (he has a similar frame to Darryl Blackmon, after all), but it would take time. He's virtually a co-starter with Travis Tannahill at tight end already.

McDonald's a natural at the positions, having played it throughout high school. He is an uncommon weapon for which most teams are not going to be prepared, if we continue to use him wisely. I say keep him at tight end.