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K-State Slate: 8.15.11




I'm back! Thanks to Anon for posting the links while I was away.

We'll start today with K-State news, before jumping into the obvious Big 12 and national news. K-State will make a big announcement today, and it sounds like it will involve an online broadcast platform for third-tier media rights. In other words, The Wildcat Network. I wonder if this will cause such butthurt and jealousy at KU that they shop themselves to the Big 10 or Pac-12.

Bryce Brown and John Hubert are competing for the starting job at running back, but have become friends in the process.

The coaching staff searched high and low to find additional depth for its defensive line.

Chris Cosh has had a rough year, both on and off the field.

As you know, the SEC presidents met yesterday and decided not to extend an invitation to Texas A&M. At least, not yet. Texas A&M's board of regents meets today, and will likely give its president the power to make any and all decisions regarding conference alignment. The Texas legislature's higher education committee meets tomorrow, with invited testimony from Dan Beebe and Mike Slive, among others. While Dr. Saturday thinks the Aggies' divorce from the Big 12 will be finalized at these meetings, I'm not so sure. Nobody knows what may transpire in the Texas legislature, and what the potential legal ramifications may be.

Speaking of the legal issues, BON has an excellent analysis of the possible tortious interference claim.