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34 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Cody Marley


#34 Cody Marley
Redshirt Freshman
5-11 | 218
Denton, Texas


Position: Linebacker

Previous College: None

Projection: Third-String

Status: On Scholarship

There's a bit of a soft spot in my heart for William Cody Marley (b. Oct. 2, 1990). He wasn't one of our more heralded recruits, but he just seemed to have ... something ... that I thought would lead to him seeing the field early.

Until he suffered a season-ending injury, that is. It's too bad, really. Our linebackers certainly could've used the help.

Another reason I'm fond of the young man is because his mother has posted many times on's message board, dating back to when Cody was a recruit in high school.

That provided a rare glimpse for the common fan into the hectic whirlwind that is college football recruiting. To those who were posting on GPC at the time, Marley seems like more of a flesh-and-blood person than the average recruit.

He's built a lot like Alex Hrebec, but I'm given to understand that he's a bit faster.

Definitely could use some of that.

Marley will need to bulk up a bit, though. He lost 16 pounds since last fall, likely due to his injury.