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K-State Slate: 7.29.11




Update: I completely missed the Darren Sproles news. Sproles has signed a four-year contract with New Orleans for $14 million, with $6 million guaranteed. Congratulations to Darren, I think this is a great move for him.

Oklahoma admitted two major rule violations in men's basketball yesterday. This qualifies OU as a repeat violator, which means they could receive the proverbial death penalty.

Boone Pickens' money has transformed Oklahoma State's once-laughable stadium, and now it has turned its gameday attire into the flashiest this side of the Oregon Ducks.

Details of the Pac-12 Network have been announced, and they're impressive. One national channel, six regional channels, every football and men's basketball game televised, and tons of Olympic-sports telecasts.

The Pac-12's commissioner, Larry Scott, says the Longhorn Network would be a huge impediment to Texas ever joining the Pac-12. I'm guessing that the Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio TV markets would make that impediment a little smaller if radical realignment ever comes up again.

Should we pay college athletes? Joe Posnanski explores this recurring issue.