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K-State Slate: 7.27.11




Apparently, some of K-State's players think that "voluntary summer workouts" are truly voluntary. This displeases Bill Snyder. It displeases Bill Snyder greatly. And it probably doesn't bode well for his team's performance this fall. This quote, about Arthur and Bryce Brown, from Snyder is not what I've come to expect from the old man:

"I’m very impressed with him," Snyder said. "He’s a hard worker. He’s a splendid young guy. He handles himself quite well.

"He’s obviously very quiet, unassuming. You have to kind of extract the words. But I like guys that do it, and Arthur does it."

Has Snyder seen the same leadership from Bryce Brown, Arthur’s younger brother?

"They’re different in that respect," Snyder said. "I haven’t seen the same thing out of Bryce."



The Big 12 is working through its issues. Unlike all the Twitter rumors and bitching from the fans, it sounds like A&M's administration is committed to the Big 12.

Texas A&M refused to give an interview to The Longhorn Network. No word yet on whether Bill Snyder made a similar stand.