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39 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Jay Hanley


#39 Jay Hanley
Redshirt Junior
6-0 | 241
Steamboat Springs, Colo.


Position: Fullback

Previous College: None

Projection: Second-String

Status: Preferred Walk-On

James John "Jay" Hanley (b. Sept. 18, 1989) is the primary backup to Braden Wilson at the fullback position.

Although playing fullback might be a dying art across the college football landscape, it remains a vital component of Bill Snyder's offense — especially that thrice-damned short-side option.

If something untoward happened to Wilson this season — God forbid — it's nice to know there's a big boy behind him on the depth chart ready to carry the load. Or, more accurately, lay a dude out to block for the guy carrying the load.

Hanley also saw quite a bit of time in 2010 as an upback on special teams, including two short kickoff returns against North Texas. It seems likely that he will continue in that role in 2011.