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46 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Arthur Brown


#46 Arthur Brown
Redshirt Junior
6-1 | 223
Wichita, Kan.


Position: Linebacker

Previous College: University of Miami

Projection: Starter

Status: On Scholarship

Arthur Brown Jr. (b. June 17, 1990) is the savior of the Kansas State defense. Well, no, not really, but some of the hype flying around certainly could lead a disinterested observer to that conclusion. So could watching this repeatedly.

Arthur's story is fairly well known at this point, so I won't rehash it here. Instead, I'll just provide a simple point-counterpoint regarding what we can expect from our starting middle linebacker this fall.

First, guarded realism. He had a thoroughly unimpressive stint with the Hurricanes, collecting just 17 tackles, 0.5 tackle for loss and one fumble recovery in two years. And then he sat out of football for more than a year.

Yes, he was a phenomenon in high school, but was that a product of inferior competition (something he clearly didn't face in the ACC) or superior talent that, for whatever reason, simply didn't mesh with the Miami program?

We should find out this season. Now, the reckless optimism. Arthur has both the talent and opportunity to become the Big 12's Defensive Newcomer of the Year and a first-team All-Big 12 linebacker if he puts his mind to it.

He had nearly as many tackles in the spring game as he did in his entire college career thus far. The man was flying all around the field, sometimes running down backs who had a 15-yard lead on him.

And he has speed to spare. If there's one thing K-State's defense and especially its linebackers need, it's speed.

With his location in the middle of the 4-3, Arthur Brown will be asked to make plays in the offensive and defensive backfields, and from sideline to sideline. The rest is up to him.