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52 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Lamonte Clark


Lamonte Clark
True Freshman
6-4 | 308
Washington, D.C.


Position: Defensive Tackle

Previous College: None

Projection: Redshirt

Status: On Scholarship

Lamonte Clark (b. March 31, 1992) is that rarest sort of recruit who never quite seems to work out for us. K-State just doesn't land promising defensive tackles.

But this time we did. He's ESPN's No. 39-ranked defensive tackle.

Most of us thought we were able to get Clark because he was a qualification risk, causing other schools to back off on a player they otherwise would have pursued eagerly. Well, scratch that, because he's on campus right now.

I guess the next fear is that he will turn into a bust, like Xzavier Stewart. Only time will tell on that one. But I have a good feeling about this kid. You can watch his highlights here and see if you agree with me.

My guess is that he will redshirt because we're surprisingly deep at defensive tackle all of a sudden. Unlike most freshmen, who usually need to add a ton of weight, Clark probably needs to slim down a bit and build more muscle.

And to whom do we owe the arrival of this possible defensive stud in the making?

Why, Chris Cosh, of course.