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K-State Slate: 7.12.11




We could probably have a daily links post just on the links I missed the previous day...

Adrian Hilburn's infamous salute at the Pinstripe Bowl has led to a change in the interpretation of the celebration rule.

Berry Tramel thinks it's just terrible that a conference game will be shown on the Longhorn Network. And that somehow proves that Nebraska fans are right about...something. I read that quickly, but there didn't really seem to be much of a point. At least Jenni Carlson's article on the topic made sense, although NewsOK and its auto-play audio ads can go jump in the Red River.

Could K-State play Wisconsin in football in the near future? It seems unlikely with Bill Snyder as head coach, but maybe John Currie is at the controls of this one. If this happens, we're really going to need to shore up the run defense before this one.