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54 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Taylor Godinet


#54 Taylor Godinet
Redshirt Freshman
6-3 | 231
Wamego, Kan.


Position: Defensive End

Previous College: None

Projection: Scout Team

Status: Walk-On

Taylor Brian Godinet (b. Feb. 1, 1991) sort of is the vagabond of Riley and Pottawotamie counties.

He played his freshman year of high school at Manhattan High, then transferred to Rock Creek for his sophomore year, then transferred back to Manhattan for his junior year, then finished up in Wamego. Wow, that's quite a journey.

Godinet's got good bloodlines, too. His father, Randall, lettered for the Cats in 1985, while his mother, Michelle, works for K-State.

(That certainly can't hurt in offsetting his walk-on status, since university employees' kids get a certain amount of credit-hours for free, I believe.)

Oh, and his uncle is Junior Seau. I'm starting to understand how Ian Seau might have ended up at K-State...