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64 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Tomasi Mariner


#64 Tomasi Mariner
Redshirt Freshman
6-3 | 317
Topeka, Kan.


Position: Offensive Line

Previous College: None

Projection: Second-String

Status: On Scholarship

Tomasi Mariner (b. June 19, 1991) is a textbook example of how Bill Snyder is rebuilding this football program from the ground up. We're talking about a local product who came in a little undersized and quite a bit raw at the position.

One grayshirt and one redshirt later, and he's ready to step into the fall with two springs under his belt and four years of eligibility ahead of him. Oh, and did I mention he's bulked up to more than 315 pounds during that "off" time?

Mariner's currently projected to back up Keenan Taylor at left guard, but it's still a competitive battle. No matter who wins, I'm just glad to see most of our linemen back over 300 pounds, instead of those lean frames Ron Prince liked.