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K-State Slate: 6.7.11




This will be an abbreviated Slate, because a) there isn't a lot of news out there, b) I have to go into work early because I have jury duty again today, and c) it's my birthday and I don't feel like searching high and low for links. (If some of these links have a distinctly Tigery feel, it's probably because they are courtesy Bill at RMN, whose links post your should read every morning even if you're not a Mizzou fan)

Cowboys Ride for Free will be coordinating the biggest blog project of this offseason. Check out their "Conference Armageddon" post for the background, and then check out the ground rules here. BOTC will be participating in the process.

If nothing else, this is an interesting talking point from the Columbia Daily Tribune's Steve Walentik: is it time to raise the rim in basketball? Pushing the height of the rim up 4-8" might restore some of what we used to love about the game...or it may not. Thoughts?