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88 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Torell Miller


#88 Torell Miller
Redshirt Sophomore
6-2 | 209
New Orleans, La.


Position: Wide Receiver

Previous College: None

Projection: Second-String

Status: On Scholarship

Torell Miller (b. Nov. 13, 1990), despite making an early splash in 2009, has failed to gain much traction as a player.

Flash back to summer 2009. Word was leaking out of summer camp that two players were causing the offense all kinds of headaches. One of them, "Rat," you know better as David Garrett. The other was "Toe" — Torell Miller.

He played in four games that season, collecting four tackles and an intercepton, but the coaches elected in the offseason to move him to wide receiver and redshirt him so he could spend 2010 learning the position.

Toe's no stranger to wideout, having caught 53 passes for 840 yards and 13 TDs in high school, and the move likely was equal parts stellar safety depth, amid a conversion back to the 4-3, and moderate thinness in the WR ranks.

Miller was targeted quite a bit for the White team in the spring game, especially by Sammuel Lamur, but he looks to be no better than fifth on the depth chart heading into the season.

He still should be at the ready, though. No one expected two starting wide receivers to suffer season-ending injuries before the season was half over last year, but it happened. You never know when your number will be called.