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K-State Slate: 6.6.11

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It was two-and-out for K-State baseball in the Fullerton Regional. On Friday, Stanford hammered the Bat Cats, 10-3, and Illinois (of all freaking teams) delivered the knockout blow on Saturday

K-State got another pay raise last week, as the Big 12 decided it will share 76 percent of the league revenue equally, rather than the previous 57 percent.

The Big 10 championship game will be played indoors at Indianapolis' Lucas Oil Field through 2015. The Big 12 championship game will be played at random venues across the Great Plains, often in the cities of Dallas, Austin and Norman, with an occasional road trip to other venues possible.

If you haven't seen it already, check out GTcat's post over the weekend about playing athletic director for a day

At some point I'll stop posting stuff about Jim Tressel, but BHGP's discussion of Tressel's cheating was too good to skip.