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65 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Cody Whitehair


Cody Whitehair
True Freshman
6-5 | 300
Abilene, Kan.


Position: Offensive Line

Previous College: None

Projection: Redshirt

Status: On Scholarship

Cody Whitehair (b. July 11, 1992) was the first recruit to verbal to K-State in the 2011 class, which is one reason I'm fond of him.

Another is that he's built to play at the Division I level this season. He was competitive in shot put at the state tournament, so you know he has good upper-body strength.

And he's huge — already topping the scales at three bills. It's not all fat, either. I've seen photos of this kid and he's pretty ripped for an incoming freshman, especially in the lower body.

One particular poster on another K-State message board who's pretty respected swears up and down that Whitehair will compete for a starting job at right guard this fall. Of course, he's not a Colten Freeze fan at all.

I don't know about all that — slapping a redshirt on first-year offensive linemen is a pretty standard Bill Snyder practice, and we have sufficient depth that it isn't like we need to play him.

But look for him to have an impact next year, once he's had a chance to learn the system and train under the renowned Charlie Dickey.