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K-State Slate: 6.3.11




K-State takes on Stanford tonight at 6:00 p.m. in Fullerton, Calif.

The Bat Cats' trump card at the end of games is more like two trump cards, as both James Allen and Evan Marshall sport sub-2.00 ERAs.

The Big 12 has announced its new basketball tournament format. Now, the top six teams will receive byes, while the lower four seeds will play on opening day. After that, it's a pretty standard eight-team tournament. Works for me.

If you're a subscriber, you can read about how flooding along Wildcat Creek has forced evacuations in Manhattan. Or you can just take my word for it.

Finally, I ain't mad at ya, David, but are you really serious with this one? Two points here. First of all, how can any helmet with letters on it not be tied for last? If letters is all you got, then you're at the bottom of the barrel.  Second, if the Texas helmet is simple and classic and iconic, then how is the K-State helmet not described by similar adjectives (well, outside of iconic, perhaps)? We might be a quirky bunch who don't always make the wisest hiring choices and ignore major sports for decades at a time, but by God we have a badass helmet.