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K-State Slate: 6.27.11




Apologies for the Slate's absence last week. I was on another business trip and didn't have time to get anything posted.

Curtis Kitchen wonders whether Jamar Samuels is feeling the heat heading into his senior season.

Jacob Pullen was not drafted in this year's NBA Draft, but still hopes to make his presence known in the league at some point. Frank Martin was quite unhappy that Jake went undrafted (and one more). To round out this story with a complete non-sequiter, I drove by Pullen's high school, the famous Proviso East in suburban Chicago on Thursday night.

We are through five rounds of the SB Nation conference re-draft. All of you who were concerned that the Big 12's lack of representation would be an issue have evidence to support your claim. The only Big 12 team selected since Texas and Oklahoma were taken in the first two rounds was Texas A&M in Round Four. Meanwhile, schools like Louisville, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Michigan State and Washington have been selected.