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72 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Ryan Mueller

That's right — it's a double-dip day. No. 72 is the first of several numbers shared by two players. Usually, one's on offense and the other defense, but sometimes specialists factor in. I'll publish at midnight and noon on such days.

#72 Ryan Mueller
Redshirt Freshman
6-1 | 230
Leawood, Kan.


Position: Defensive End

Previous College: None

Projection: Scout Team

Status: Walk-On

Ryan K. Mueller (b. April 30, 1991) doesn't even have a photo on his official bio. So if you think I'm going to write a small novel about a guy who redshirted in 2010, but didn't even merit a mugshot, you're crazy.

Despite being listed as a defensive end, it strikes me that Mueller's way too small to play that position effectively unless he bulked up a ton during his redshirt season. On top of that, we're pretty damn deep at defensive end.

He seems more like a linebacker type to me, although he may be too slow to play the position. With a little extra bulk, I suppose he could be a serviceable fullback, but I'm guessing his fate will be the scout and special teams units.