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72 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Kaleb Drinkgern


#72 Kaleb Drinkgern
Redshirt Senior
6-6 | 275
Breman, Kan.


Position: Offensive Line

Previous College: None

Projection: Third-String

Status: On Scholarship

Kaleb Henry Drinkgern (b. Jan. 12, 1989) never has gained much traction as an offensive lineman at K-State.

He was an unheralded grayshirt who was called up early by Ron Prince once the attrition issues that would become endemic during that man's reign started to appear.

Though much less hyped than Clyde Aufner, who ended up redshirting that season due to injury, Drinkgern started tongues wagging when he went to Auburn with the travel squad, implying a redshirt was far from a certainty for him.

He did end up redshirting, though, and that was the last time most people discussed him with any expectations. He played in two games as a reserve tackle in both 2008 and 2009, but saw very little playing time last year.

Now a fifth-year senior, Drinkgern shows few signs of breaking into the main rotation. He's behind Aufner and Zach Hanson at right tackle, and perhaps Ethan Douglas, as well. All three started at least one game there in 2010.

Frankly, I'm a little surprised Drinkgern hasn't transferred to a smaller school to seek more playing time, but maybe having no redshirt year played into that. Thus, he's one of the last holdovers from the Prince era left on the roster.