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74 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Kason Hostrup


#74 Kason Hostrup
True Freshman
6-4 | 313
Sachse, Texas


Position: Offensive Line

Previous College: None

Projection: Redshirt

Status: On Scholarship

Kason Kai Hostrup (Nov. 27, 1991) took a grayshirt in 2010, and while he certainly has gained enough size that he could make an impact at one of the offensive guard positions, our depth is such that a redshirt seems in order.

I think Hostrup is one of those underrated recruits tends to undervalue because they're undersized or can't make grades, whatever the case may be.

Bill Snyder has a habit of turning those kinds of players into solid contributors, and sometimes superstars.

But offensive linemen are so hard to predict in how they will develop, so I'm not really making any bold predictions about Hostrup's future one way or the other.