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93 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Bo Tillman


Bo Tillman
Redshirt Junior
6-6 | 280
Meadville, Miss.


Position: Defensive Tackle

Previous College: Copiah-Lincoln Community College

Projection: Second-String

Status: On Scholarship

Bo Tillman (b. March 2, 1989) is a late signee (although not nearly as late as fellow JUCO Darryl Blackmon, who just found out he was going on scholarship two weeks ago) who will have two years to play two.

Although a little undersized for a defensive tackle at 275 pounds, he makes up for it with his wingspan. Tillman is a versatile player who could fill a spot at either end and tackle, but he likely will figure more into our interior plans.

All you need to know about Tillman is that Auburn wanted him, and Auburn certainly has a need at that position after the early departure of Nick Fairley.

I'm not saying Tillman will be that good, obviously, but for a late signee, it's promising. Keep in mind that we didn't sign Prizell Brown until late summer 2009, and he originally came in as a tight end.

That worked out pretty well for us. Hopefully, Tillman will, too.