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76 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Jordan Allred


#76 Jordan Allred
Redshirt Junior
6-3 | 300
Thousand Oaks, Calif.


Position: Multiple Positions

Previous Colleges: Ventura College; Pierce Community College

Projection: Third-String

Status: On Scholarship

Jordan James Allred (b. Jan. 10, 1990) is an enigma wrapped in a conundrum wrapped in a riddle.

He came to K-State last year as a multi-position player — an offensive tackle who could double as a long snapper.

Since we already had the gifted Corey Adams filling the latter role and quite a bit of depth at the former (and still do, really), Bill Snyder elected to redshirt Allred.

Thus, I entered spring practice expecting Allred perhaps to compete at center, given his snapping proficiency, but we all were surprised to learn that Snyder instead moved him to defensive tackle, to shore up depth there.

Early reports were that he adjusted well to the position change and was bucking for playing time in the spring game, but the mystery that is Jordan Allred deepened further when he injured his knee (speculated to be a minor MCL tear).

He was held out of the spring game, so no one has seen him play in a Wildcat uniform yet. Assuming he heals well from his injury, and given his versatility, it seems likely that he will have an impact on the 2011 season somewhere.

But too much uncertainty remains about his health and eventual position to slot him anywhere in the starting two-deep at this point in time, in my opinion. We need to see more before anything is certain.