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K-State Slate: 6.15.11




The Mercury has a good feature article on K-State's national champion in the women's heptathlon, Ryann Krais.

The K-State women's basketball schedule is set, for those of you who are big Deb fans.

Haskin talks a lot of golf in this week's musings.

It's Nebraska week over at Off Tackle Empire, SB Nation's Big 10 blog. Unsurprisingly, Husker fans (one in particular) are talking up the strength of the Big 12's mid-tier teams vis-a-vis the Big 10's mid-tier teams, because that argument currently suits their purposes. OTE's Gookin doesn't believe that's true, citing the fact that only seven Big 12 teams have played in the Big 12 CCG, whereas nine Big 10 teams have been conference co-champions in the same time period. I would argue that, given the difference in conference structure -- divisions in the Big 12, no divisions in the Big 10 -- you have to count Texas Tech in 2008 and Oklahoma State last year as co-champions, because they tied for a division title with the same record as the conference champion. Either way, Big 10 fans are getting their proper introduction to Husker fans via the Internet this week.